Awe-inspiring Tourist destinations in Karnataka

Karnataka is the most popular place in South India and equipped with lots of things to enjoy. If you are visiting tourist destinations in Karnataka, you will be enthralled by its history, charms and culture. There are lots of destinations in Karnataka where you can enjoy your holiday.

Bangalore – The green city of India, Bangalore is also called as “the Garden city”. Being an IT hub of the country, the city is filled with lots of surprising facts and attractions to see and enjoy. Right from skyscrapers, historical sites, museums, to gardens, the city has unique things to offer its travelers.

Eagle Wings Bangalore

Hampi – The site is a historical treasure of Karnataka, boasts a number of sandstone structures to allure its travelers. Ruins of previous era, Hampi seems an interesting place to visit. It will be a great feeling to being over here. Whenever you visit the place, must plan to see it.


Mangalore – Being one of the cleanest cities of India, Mangalore is one of the most amazing travel places in Karnataka to visit. The city is mostly popular for its historical buildings and sea beaches. It holds many beautiful beaches to spend some quality time with your friends and family.


Mysore – The city is popular for its different kinds of historical treasures. The city holds popular Mysore Palace which is unique in itself and attracts a number of architects and creative seers. It was also a home of Tipu Sultan and you can see many aspects related to this great warrior.


Coorg – This fascinating place is well-known among nature lovers and honeymooners. If you are going to marry and looking for hot honeymoon destination in India then, Koorg will be a great decision. When chilled air blows after touching the snowing mountains and touches your body, it creates magic inside you and gives you an amazing feeling of being over here.


Karnataka is the most fascinating city of India and has been visited for its beautiful treasures that allure every traveler through its great charms and magnetism. Visiting this place with Karnataka tour packages will give you a new experience and makes you come again and again. You can visit Karnataka whenever you want as the weather of the city is pretty good. It is well-connected through all the major cities of India, so you will not have trouble to reach here. Whether you are visiting the city for business purposes or for family holidays, the city always welcomes you with its open arms.

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