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Top 10 Places to Visit in Rajasthan: A Glimpse of Rajputana Splendor

Rajasthan is the largest state in India and spread in 342,239 sq kilometers. However, its major area is covered by the desert, Thar. Rajasthan houses an astonishing exhibit of arts and architecture. Each region of Rajasthan has a different style of structural design and arts making it the most culturally diverse spots in the world. In this article we have added 10 popular sites to travel in Rajasthan under Best Rajasthan tour packages.

  1. Jaipur


The capital of the state, Jaipur is also a Pink City of India, which has distinctive pink color of the buildings. The well planned streets make it favorite tourist locations. Jaipur has lots to offer in the form of Forts, monuments, temples, museums and others. It is also a home to a number of arts and craft with over 20 only one of its kind specializations.

  1. Udaipur


The City of Udaipur is known for lakes. The city is a symbol of the finesse of Rajputana Style architecture. Now a day, most of the palaces have been changed into hotels and offers you an amazing stay. The picturesque sight from the foothills of the Aravalli Mountains, Udaipur is a great destination.

  1. Jodhpur


The second biggest town of Rajasthan, Jodhpur was founded in 1459 by Rao Jodha Singh of Marwar. The city also called as the Sun City due to bright sunny climate throughout the year. Jodhpur has been listed frequently in various tourism magazines for it mesmerizing hill forts and palaces. The city has handful attractions to offer its tourists.

  1. Jaisalmer


The city lies in the centre of the Thar Desert and gets its name from it. The city is famous tourist spot for its magnificent architecture, arts and crafts which are only one of its kinds to this area. The city flourishes on tourism, and a home to a number of tourists from all around the world.

  1. Bikaner
Junagarh fort
Junagarh fort, Bikaner

The land has witnessed a number of wars in the past; today Bikaner is one more prime tourist destination for its forts and food. A variety of arts and crafts of this place are also exclusive, particularly the intricately imprinted windowpanes called jharokhas. It is the only place that everyone recommends to visit if you want to experience the genuine taste of Rajasthani cuisines.

  1. Pushkar


Placed in the Ajmer District of Rajasthan, Pushkar is often considered as the king of pilgrimage sites. The town is located on the bank of the Pushkar Lake, which was made by the tears of Lord Shiva. The town is very old and strongly associated with the Hindu mythology. The town is well-known for its temples and various Ghats which are visited by hundreds of travelers at the time of the annual bath.

  1. Sawai Madhopur

Sawai Madhopur

Sawai Madhopur was nestled by Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh in 1763. Well the town is known for the Ranthambore Fort and the Ranthambore National park. Both are a must see places and take out 2-3 days from your vacation to explore it properly. The Sawai Madhopur Game Sanctuary is a tiger reserve.

  1. Chittorgarh


The ancient city also known as Chittor, was founded by the Maurya Dynasty. The place is famous to be the hometown of many great warriors and historical figures like the Great Maharana Pratap and the Hindu saint, Meera Bai. The city contains many different palaces, temples, forts and artistic mastery.

  1. Mount Abu

Mount Abu

It is the only hill station in the desert state of Rajasthan, which is situated in the Aravalli mountain range. Apart from being a retreat for travelers, it has a lot of chronological and spiritual importance. The place is a wonderful retreat for the sun scorched travelers, with its verdant green surroundings and several picnic spots.

  1. Alwar


The city is one of the princely states of the Rajputana has lots of travel charms. The forts, temples and the enormous profusion of natural fauna have brought this place for you. The Haunted Bhangarh Fort, the Sariska Tiger Reserve, the Historic site of Pandupole and the Karni Mata Temple are just a few of the charms this city houses.

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