A quick guide to Dubai sightseeing

Dubai is growing as the most iconic city in the world, which should be visited once in a life-time. The city has become a home of symbolic islands, biggest shopping malls, sky-rising buildings and many more. Even it is also listed in the most expensive cities in the world. Traveling to Dubai will sure be a nice experience and you will always love to return.

Top things that Dubai vacation packages from India offers you to do and see are

Travel around the city and see – Whenever you visit the city, try to use its public transport to reach from here to there like buses, metro or taxies. You can travel around the city in 2-3 hours, if you don’t face traffic. Some of the famous spots are the Jumeirah mosque and an ancient part of the city.

Travel around dubai

Trip to Burj Al Arab – Surprisingly planned and look alike the shape of a ship, Burj Al Arab is the world’s fourth biggest luxurious accommodation. The hotel offers you a great view from its rooms to outside. It can be an expensive stay in Dubai. So, if you are a budget-oriented traveler then it is not for you.

Trip to Burj Al Arab

See Burj Khalifa It is the world’s tallest building with a height of 829, 8 meters. This iconic structure contains offices, hotels, restaurants, bars and others. From the top, you can experience the out of this world picture of the city, which will be once in a lifetime experience.

Burj Khalifa

Must do shopping – Dubai is now a favorite shopping center for shoppers and people loves to roam around its shopping addresses to buy items as per their needs. The Mall of the Emirates is one of the largest malls in the world with feature of an inside ski resort spread in 22,500 square meters.

shopping in dubai

Discover another Dubai – As nothing of the Dubai’s attractions is large in area, you can with no trouble make an excursion to one of the others. Dubai’s old parts boast a number of hidden things which is found only inside the historical treasures. Visit and explore more from your side.

historical treasures

Go to enjoy sand dune – This can be a blood-pumping experience for you where you drive in the desert with high speed and making the car to slide over the sand. Prices are minimum to enjoy and available for certain hours. If you like adventure and wants to do something daring then a car ride in the sand dunes can excite your mind.


Best time to go:

Dubai is considered to visit between February and April, which is the gentle time. This, though, is also the peak season, so traveling to the city this time will give you some benefit. Just be ready to experience hot days.

Dubai holiday packages from India offers you a wonderful time around the city and helps you to enjoy your trip completely without facing any trouble. Visit, enjoy a great time and back with some beautiful memory to remember throughout your life.

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