Top 10 facts we bet you didn’t knew about Gujarat

Ever since times, Gujarat Tourism has been catering to the varied interest of travelers from every nook & corner of the country. With a rich heritage, scrumptious delicacies, lively culture, playful festivals, great historic sites, and illustrious archaeological structures, the state of Gujarat is an awe-inspiring destination of India. And, if you think you know the state deep down to its roots, then wait till we unveil before you the top 10 facts about Gujarat that makes Gujarat one of the best Indian destinations?

Let’s take a look:

Largest coastline

Largest coastline

Do you know that Gujarat has the largest coastline? With a 1215 kilometers long coast line, Gujarat boasts a great number of beaches, promising the most out of your Gujarat tour with an array of beach side activities & water sports to indulge into.

Surat- the Diamond centre

Also known as the “Diamond heart of the world”, the city of Surat is a major diamond hub of diamond polishing & cutting. The industry was established way back in 1901 by the Gujarati diamond cutters, who emigrated from east Africa, and by 1970s Surat-based diamond cutters started exporting diamonds to buyers in USA for the very first time.


Introduced in the year 1946, Amul the largest dairy producing brand of India is also situated in Gujarat at Anand. So, if you are a fan of the brand, then a visit to Anand is surely going to be the best ever experience for you.

Gira Falls

The 30 m long gushing Gira Falls making a natural drop into the Ambica River is a total breathtaking view for the onlookers. A visit to the falls will leave you in utter amazement, something which can be only experienced with Gujarat tours.

Record number of airports

With 9 operational airports comprising 1 international, and 8 domestic airports, Gujarat is the state with the highest number of airports in India. This makes travelling to this landscape much easier for domestic travelers as well as those situated outside the boundaries of India.

Greenest city

Greenest city

Well! You might be amazed to know that Gandhinagar, a city situated 23 km away from the state capital of Ahmedabad, is the greenest city in Asia? With 50% of its land under greenery, Gandhinagar makes the city with the cleanest & purest air.

Safest state

A major concern for travelers, especially female travelers & solo journeyers, Gujarat is known for its low crime rate. The state is one of the safest in the country, promising you a safe holiday in India.

Richest city

With each of the household making an average income of Rs. 450,000 annually, Surat is the richest Indian cities, a title earlier owned by cities like Chennai and Bangalore.

Highest sugar consumption

Gujaratis’ love sugar and it is evident from the fact that each of the delicacies prepared here has some sweetness to it. You can here relish some of the most scrumptious delicacies, an ultimate treat for your taste-buds.

Vegetarian Land

Most of the people in Gujarat are vegetarians. A completely blissful land for vegetarian food lovers, Gujarat offers the most amazing splatter for your appetite.

Amazed? Well! Gujarat is surely the most astounding destination you will ever come across. Book your trip with Best Gujarat Tour Packages and get ready to explore this famous Indian destination like never before.


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