Best trekking places to trek in Kerala

Sandwiched between the Arabian Sea and Western Ghats, Kerala is the best travel destination in India. The abundant emerald mountains in Kerala are an address of tropical forests, emerald tea gardens, immaculate tribal community and wildlife. It is ideal to travel around and discover wildlife through trekking. There are many trekking and escapade sites in Kerala filled with natural beauty.

Here are the top trekking places in Kerala:

  1. Agasthyakoodam Peak


Agasthyakoodam Peak stands vertical at an elevation of 1868 m above from the sea level, approachable only by foot. It is the second highest peak in Kerala and good for trekking. The mountain holds many medicinal plants used in Ayurveda. Surprise to see the breathtaking scenery and do some good photography to this beautiful landscape!

  1. Chembra Peak


Chembra Peak is counted in the prime trekking places in Kerala, globally popular for its heart formed lake, natural beauty and the excellent sight of the hills. The peak is not just amazing but thrilling to discover. Trekking here goes through huge tea plantations, paths filled with misty plants and green surroundings. It stands at an elevation of 2100 m above from the sea level.

  1. Rajamalai in Eravikulam National Park

Rajamalai Eravikulam National Park

Rajamala or Evavikulam National Park is a place situated in Munnar and is most famous for trekking spot. Rajamalai is a small hill station and best for nature lovers and trekkers. Trekkers are permitted to trek in the tourism region. You can enjoy safari and trekking inside the park.

  1. Anamudi Peak


Anamudi Peak is in Kerala is known for adventurous enthusiasts and offers superb views of the green hills and dramatic landscapes. Anamudi is a 2,695-m high peak situated in the Eravikulam National Park. Trekking is one of the interesting things to do in Kerala. The trek will pass through verdant hills, valley, tea gardens, spices plantations and flora and fauna.

  1. Dhoni Hills


Dhoni Hills is blessed with a number of natural resources. It is also a wonderful place for trekking and you can also come across with beautiful waterfall called “Azhakampara”. The Dhoni hills trek takes you on a memorable journey of the Western Ghats and you have the chance to see some rare species.

  1. Silent Valley National Park


Silent Valley National Park is a perfect site to trek. The park also offers the flourishing foliage, exotic flora and fauna and natural magnetisms in plentiful. The paths of the Valley offer you extraordinary landscapes, from steamy evergreen woods with enormous trees and Shola grasslands.

  1. Ponmudi


Ponmudi is one of the most attractive hilly areas in Kerala, specially recognized for its natural beauty, captivating trekking paths and the incredible sights. It is 1000 m high and famous place for trekking. Ponmudi offers you a many trekking and hiking paths that start from Kallar River Bridge.

All these beautiful hill areas of Kerala offer you an amazing time to enjoy during trekking. It is a popular adventure activity among travelers who loves to trek. If you are in Kerala, like to trek, consider these adventure places to fulfill your hobby.Find more attractions of Kerala, visit our website online here .


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