Celebrate Christmas and New Year in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a royal state of India and carry a great charisma to attract people not only from India but also from international countries. Its royal culture and tradition is very popular and travelers love to be there at the time of festival, when they get lots of things to know. Well Christmas is not its main festival but celebrated with equal enthusiasm and spirit.

Christmas is also an important carnival of the year. Christmas in Rajasthan is celebrated on December 25th, with a lot of enthusiasm. The festival is celebrated in the memory of birth anniversary of Jesus Christ. The festival is known with plenty of revelry and amusement. People from every part of the world visit Rajasthan to enjoy the carnival. In addition, Christmas in Rajasthan is enjoyed spending time with loved ones, tasting food cooked particularly for the carnival. Some families also shares sweets and gifts. Most of them offered prayers in the church.

Music and dance make the carnival in Rajasthan active. In the carnival, to enjoy local dressed in fancy clothes and they clean their houses and decorate with Christmas trees. The Christmas trees are decorated with sparkling products like – sparkling stars, chocolates, gifts and other items. In the Christmas, the houses are also adorned with colorful papers. Even the churches are decorated for this event. The market places are also adorned with glitter and lights.

Rajasthan celebrate Christmas with great enthusiasm and Christian community in Rajasthan makes it a great event and exchange love and gifts in their friends and family.

Markets, houses and churches adopt a festive touch. There are many activities all around. The people get high enthusiasm of this festive day. The colorful balls, Christmas trees smartly adorned cakes and tasty Santa moving through the avenues giving sweets to kids are the major charms of the festival.

People adorned their houses, decorate Christmas trees with gifts and make pictures  of mother Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus coming to visit the baby boys and marshals and their groups browsing around portraying sights of Jesus of the birth in the Bible.

The celebration starts from the evening of 24th. There is a mid night crowd go after by the clangor of church bells to begin on Christmas Day. On Christmas Day, people take pleasure in a luxurious Christmas lunch. Christmas solidifies and wines are offered to travelers and shared gifts.

Hymn singing, get together and exchange of gifts enhance the enthusiasm of Christmas. Christmas celebrations also starts in the New Year, this is now the celebration mood for as a minimum a week. Loved ones visit the day and meets with relatives in churches. Children especially take pleasure in the carnival while they accept gifts from Santa. They also love to decorate nativity pictures in their houses.

Rajasthan holiday packages are the best way to celebrate this wonderful festival in Rajasthan and enjoy your vacation.


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