Some Luxurious Honeymoon Destinations in the Globe

Honeymoon is the most wonderful trend to involve in partner love and get opportunity to know each other. Whether it is lonely beach honeymoon or an imposing honeymoon places, couples will never fail to get a chance to select the best for themselves. So, if you have been searching for some top honeymoon destinations, here is the list for you –

  1. Maldives


Your royal honeymoon escape is best here. From a number of islands to choose from and relax at, Maldives is a hub of beautiful resorts and luxurious stay options for you. Tree-house stay, over-the-water luxurious cottages and plenty of delicious foods welcomes you!

  1. Bora Bora


If you have dream about a paradise for your honeymoon then you are much closer to fulfill your dream. Bora Bora, the dreamy island is the couple’s first choice. There are plenty of unconventional stay options to enjoy your day and night. A stay here brings you a magnificent experience.

  1. Fiji


This has always been a lovely place for honeymoon and royal vacation. Honeymoon couples are often seen here relaxing at Fiji.

  1. Santorini


If you are confuse about how to plan your honeymoon that’s full of surprises and memorable experiences, then don’t look any other place. Greece has always been a romantic place and has some beautiful islands to provide you the best moments to remember. Santorini is one lovelier spot where most of the honeymooners found comfort and calm.

  1. Bali


If you are looking for a great site which would match your desire and at the exact moment do not alter your prospects; go plan a honeymoon in Bali. It’s the most desirable luxurious honeymoon spot for the newly-wed couples who’re looking out for a wonderful, comfortable and an affordable tour. Bali has some really unbelievable attractions to visit and delicious cuisine to enjoy.

  1. Paris


Allow your romantic escape to be a romantic memory, where you gaze into each other’s eyes under the splendid Eiffel Tower and express your feelings once again. This might make a big hole in your pocket but if you plan your trip in advance you will definitely save a huge amount.

  1. India


Of course, India has plenty to offer more than crowded streets and messy places. Some popular legendary romances in the history have Indian roots. The world heritage site Taj Mahal at Agra (Uttar Pradesh) and the soothing and comfortable Jodhpur Palaces are just a heaven for newly-wed couples. Plan your honeymoon in India at any place in the northern or southern parts of India and you will get the best moments of your life!

So, let this honeymoon a grand affair and the most memorable.  Also, if you want to try out any of these places, ascertain to share your experience with us. We are completely sure about these locations and it will amaze you. In order to enjoy a comfortable vacation, note to create a tour itinerary and plan it as per your budget, so that you will not have to spend much.

Enjoy your honeymoon with HoneymoonBug..


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